by Elettra Ferraù, Emanuele Masini and Alessandro Masini. Published by Edizioni Centro Studi di Cultura, Promozione e Diffusione del Cinema.

Alessandro Ferraù, born in Messina in 1913, lived in Rome from 1922 until his death in 1994. He was an attentive chronicler and a major character in Italian cinema and its evolution throughout the century. Through his indefatigable activity, he collected an immense archive of memorabilia and pictures. This volume is a voyage through over 50 years of experience, with more than 130 photographs, many previously unpublished, of famous persons from 1910 through 1993. Primo Carnera is captured visiting Amedeo Nazzari on the set of “Caravaggio” (1940), as is Errol Flynn on his arrival in Rome in 1952 to play “Il Maestro di Don Giovanni”. Also featured are Gina Lollobrigida embracing Anna Magnani, Sergio Leone without his celebrated beard, and other famous figures such as Giuliano Montaldo, Dario Argento, Alberto Sordi, Rod Steiger, and other famous actors, actresses, directors, writers and producers, immortalized alongside Ferraù. Ferraù, in 1950, founded the annual Annuario del Cinema Italiano & Audiovisivi, which will have a special edition published in 2000 for its 50th anniversary. He also created the magazine “Cinespattacolo”, wrote “Totò, siamo uomini o caporali?”, (Totò, are we men or corporals?) and the first “Handbook of political and economic terms in use in Italy”. As the president of the Center for Cultural Studies, Promotion and Diffusion of Cinema, he created the “Gold Medal, a Life for Cinema” award, which was awarded for 29 years, a practice which Ferraù’s heirs intend to revive in his memory. “A Life for the Cinema” is on sale in principal Italian bookstores and can also be ordered directly from the editors.

“A Life for the Cinema”, by Elettra Ferraù, Emanuele Masini, Alessandro Masini.
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