Often I’m asked, “Can I eat pork?” “Will it make me gain weight? Is it bad for children?” No. Unfortunately, pork won’t make anyone gain weight anymore. I say unfortunately because pork once had many benefits, even if its caloric value was sky-high. The benefits were mostly culinary — intense flavor, but also included richness in iron and an abundance of noble elements.

It was enough to not abuse the meat, and pork could make a beneficial part of one’s day to day diet. Today the problem is different. Pork, beef and chicken are nutritionally much the same – little fat, more protein and less flavor.

Why? To understand what’s happened, go to a pork or beef farm. You’ll find animals kept in huge hangars for their entire lives, mechanized food distribution and waste management, artificial light, and feed that is the same for every type of animal.

Pigs in the square feeding on acorns, and cows out to pasture from morning ‘til night is a far off memory – the production line has rendered all animals the same.

Movement, so important for the health of these animals, is impossible. “Modern” pills, not exercise, makes the meat fat free. Once chickens, scratching through the dirt, ate earthworms and grains. Now they eat flour made of fish to give their eggs a high content of Omega 3, an anti-cholesterol agent, like the blue fish. Why don’t they leave nature alone? If you want more Omega 3, eat a couple of anchovies.

Apart from these problems, there is another to consider – the excess of meat in the diet of the entire Western world.
Steaks and hamburgers make up a daily part of our diet. Too much meat can cause damage – big damage. Not only can it cause extremely elevated levels of cholesterol, it can cause intestinal tumors (the most common tumors in Italy).

Soon, we’ll have to deal with the pollution that this form of pig raising causes. Millions of tons of waste liquids from these zoological mega-factories are dumped into the Po River every day. If each county has ten farms (as in Emilia) with thousands of pigs in each one, it’s easy to understand the pollution that can strike a city.

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